Sexually based charges are particularly taboo. Despite the law saying you are “innocent until proven guilty”, when a sex crime has been charged, the public feels you are already guilty and we need to prove you are innocent.

Did You Know...

1 in 10 federal inmates are in prison due to sex crime convictions.

Sex offenses are easy to allege – it only takes one person to make a claim. Often you are stuck trying to prove a negative. A conviction will dramatically alter every aspect of life permanently. In addition to possible prison time and the resulting social stigma, you may have to register as a sex offender forever.  Your child custody situation may be in jeopardy and you may expose yourself to civil law suits that will take everything from you. You need to hire the best criminal defense attorney to represent you through this confusing and isolating time. Our team of experienced attorneys investigates sex crimes allegations seeking inconsistencies, motives to fabricate and uncovering any information that can cast doubt on the prosecution’s case.

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