When you are charged with a crime and you can win at trial, you need to know. If you cannot, you need an attorney who will be honest with you, and be in a position to help you navigate the complex federal sentencing laws, guidelines and complex financial restitution.

As difficult as it is to accept, the attorneys at Newton Barth understand that sometimes a guilty verdict is inevitable. In cases like this, Newton Barth attorneys focus on the importance of sentencing so that our clients are given the lowest possible sentence, and greatest opportunity for probation, suspended sentence, or early release.

Many attorneys do not specialize in or understand the intricacies of federal sentencing.  The attorneys at Newton Barth know precisely how to present you and the facts of your case to the Court and obtain the most favorable sentence.

Newton Barth has unparalleled experience in helping clients negotiate the best possible plea bargains, which frequently include allowing clients to argue for a downward departure or variance to achieve a below-Guidelines federal sentence.

Sentencing - Newton Barth