Whose duty is it to police the police?

At Newton Barth, we understand the important and fragile line between rightful action to ensure citizens’ safety and illegal and reprehensible conduct.

There is a delicate balance between citizens and government, and the attorneys at Newton Barth want to protect you against unlawful discrimination.   No matter your race, gender or background, the police should treat you fairly and equitably. .If your civil rights have been violated, leading to physical harm, financial loss or any other type of damage, you may be able to pursue action against the individual or organization that caused the loss. Newton Barth is here to help.   The Newton Barth team will hear your side of the story, assess the options available to you and fiercely defend your civil rights against those who have violated them.  We will work to see that you are properly compensated and that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.


Newton Barth attorneys know police law.  Our attorneys are former police union attorneys for the three local police unions.  Attorney Talmage Newton is a former hearing officer for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.  In the past, Newton Barth attorneys have worked for, and with the police, and it makes them uniquely qualified to hold police accountable for their wrongdoings.


Not only do we understand the physical harm police brutality causes, but we also understand the lingering mental impact of these incidents, leaving individuals feeling broken, lost, disenfranchised and creating further distrust between law enforcement and the citizens they are sworn to protect. We believe your life, and your rights matter and we will stand strong by your side seeking justice.  Newton Barth’s expertise includes police brutality, use of excessive force, failure to provide medical care to prisoners, wrongful and false imprisonment, and other violations of law enforcement.  Newton Barth Attorneys are bold, forward-thinking and uncommonly creative. When we take a civil rights case, whether it is related to prisoner rights, police brutality or any other matter, we work diligently to design a legal strategy to get the most efficient and effective resolution and get you back on your feet and feeling safe again.
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