Severance Agreements

The termination of a person’s employment with an organization can certainly be a stressful experience, characterized by numerous decisions needing to be made and often, just as many questions.

With the many factors included in severance agreements, a careful and well-considered review of the agreement and the situation surrounding the termination is critical to the terminated employee’s near- and long-term interests.

The employment attorneys of Newton Barth have significant experience in reviewing severance agreements and advising clients as to the precise meaning of all provisions of these agreements, whether the amount included in the agreement is reasonable, and assessing the likelihood of success in negotiating a higher amount of severance, the impact of non-compete agreements, and the scope of non-disclosure agreements. In cases in which the employee’s termination appears to be or is clearly wrongful, we have an outstanding record of success in pursuing wrongful termination cases in court. Dealing with termination is painful enough. Let us help you navigate the complexities of your severance agreement so you can leave the past behind and focus on a successful future!

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