Discrimination & Retaliation

A Violation of your rights.

That employees today experience harassment, discrimination and hostile work environments is a sad fact of today’s work environment. These issues are not uncommon and as widespread as cases involving these issues may be, only a small fraction of them make headlines.

Despite the fact that federal and state employment laws address harassment, discrimination and other issues, in far too many cases employees reporting such treatment face retaliation from their employers for doing so. Retaliation can take many forms, ranging from unfavorable changes in work schedules or denials of needed training, to demotions or lack of opportunities for advancement and even termination.

Such retaliation can discourage reporting of these issues, which is just as insidious as the discrimination and harassment. Establishing a direct causal relationship between the reporting and the retaliation can often seem difficult; working with experienced counsel can help an employee recognize that relationship and ultimately enable that employee to benefit from the full protection of state and federal employment laws.

We understand the nuances.

The team of employment law attorneys at Newton Barth understands the nuances of these situations as well as the intense pressure and self-doubt victims of these situations often experience, have a deep understanding of laws barring retaliation and can analyze these situations with extreme precision.

Our employment attorneys accurately assess each case and its supporting evidence, can develop a comprehensive and winning strategy, and determine whether litigation or a settlement is the best option for each client in every situation.

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