A drug conviction can ruin your life, livelihood, family and reputation. Legal charges such as these call for the most aggressive and accessible criminal defense available.

With a proven track record defending individuals with drug charges, Newton Barth is your greatest asset for retaining your freedom.  Defending against drug crimes requires understanding the tools the police use and knowing how to defend against them. The Newton Barth team will protect your 4th Amendment rights and hold the police accountable for faulty search warrants. We understand the technology and are able to aggressively attack wire taps and cell phone searches. You need to be properly advised on “prior and persistent” and “career offender” designations to fully understand the leverage prosecutors are trying to use against you and the options available to you.

Our team will handle your case with minimal disruption to your life.

Whether the offense you are charged with involves possession, distribution or drug trafficking, you can put Newton Barth attorneys’ many years of experience in drug crime defense to work to remedy your situation.

Drug Crimes - Newton Barth