Newton Barth understands that there are two sides to every story. We want to hear your side, find evidence to support your innocence and minimize your potential exposure. Newton Barth attorneys aren’t afraid to challenge these allegations and we will provide you with the most aggressive and proactive defense. Our attorneys are experienced in defending clients on charges that are both serious and sensitive in nature. We work tirelessly because we understand the severity of the case and its potential long-term impact on you, your family, your livelihood, and your freedom.

Newton Barth attorneys are zealous courtroom advocates defending their clients against a variety of serious criminal charges in federal, state, and municipal courts throughout Missouri and Illinois. The criminal defense team at Newton Barth are career criminal defense attorneys. They have handled every stage of criminal prosecutions and defense from initial charging decisions, through pleas, trials, sentencing and appeals, if necessary. Newton Barth is your best partner for what is the pivotal moment in your life.

When you’ve been accused of fraud, embezzlement, money laundering or tax evasion, you need an attorney who understands business, will take your case seriously and aggressively defend your rights and your reputation.

A drug conviction can ruin your life, livelihood, family and reputation. Legal charges such as these call for the most aggressive and accessible criminal defense available.

The consequences of driving under the influence are serious and can greatly impact every part of your life. Losing your license to drive can destroy your ability to work, and care for your family.

There is a big difference between federal and state criminal prosecutions.

When you are charged with a crime and you can win at trial, you need to know. If you cannot, you need an attorney who will be honest with you, and be in a position to help you navigate the complex federal sentencing laws, guidelines and complex financial restitution.

Sexually based charges are particularly taboo. Despite the law saying you are “innocent until proven guilty”, when a sex crime has been charged, the public feels you are already guilty and we need to prove you are innocent.

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