Civil Rights and Policy Brutality

Who will police the police?

Civil rights violations and instances of police brutality can shatter the all-important trust between citizens and government, a trust essential to building and maintaining safe communities. When police step over the line by discriminating and abusing citizens based on race, gender, background, or any other trait, they must be held accountable for the good of the individual victim and the community as a whole.

The attorneys of Newton Barth have an insider’s knowledge of police law, procedures and protocols. Our attorneys are former police union attorneys for three local unions and founding partner Talmage Newton is a former hearing officer for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Newton Barth attorneys believe every police officer must be committed to the highest professional standards and to protecting the rights – including the civil rights – of every citizen.

That commitment by our attorneys comes to life in their significant experience and exceptional knowledge of the laws addressing:

  • EPolice brutality
  • EUse of excessive force
  • EFailure to provide medical care to prisoners
  • EWrongful and false imprisonment
Regardless of your background, you deserve to be treated fairly. Police brutality cases can arise unexpectedly, as part of a routine traffic stop, catching victims off-guard and unprepared to stand up for themselves. In addition, civil rights cases centered around police misconduct can be extremely complex, which means it is crucial that victims secure experienced attorneys with an established history of developing the most effective legal strategy possible in these cases.

Why Newton Barth?

The attorneys of Newton Barth believe strongly in justice and the importance of the role that effective policing plays in building strong, safe communities in which the rights of all are protected.

We understand the seriousness of police brutality cases and have the experience, determination and deeply-held principles necessary to protect your rights.

In selecting Newton Barth as your attorney in such matters, you can expect:

  • EAggressive, strategically focused trial attorneys
  • EPersonalized and concierge service
  • EClear communication necessary to ensure your understanding of the nuances of your case
  • EA commitment to putting forth the effort necessary to obtain the best result for you

We are here to be your advocate & defend your rights.

If you are ready to discuss your case, we are ready to listen.

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